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Our Story.

For many years my dream has been to own a tea room.

The turning point came on my 40th birthday in 2011 when I decided

that it was now or never. Being solely a tea drinker and after years of trawling

coffee shops in an attempt to find a decent 'brew', I knew that something had to change....that change being 'Tealicious Tearoom'. This tea room will be different

to the average coffee shops, at Tealicious Tearoom we will offer the tea lover

the chance to experience a unique range of tea blends and savour the joys of a

delicious cup of tea.


The recipe for a perfect tearoom required many ingredients; a supportive family, builders, plumbers, cherry pickers, friends willing to do to lots of market research and the list goes on. The recipe was complicated but despite some setbacks we finally found ourselves at the quaint and quirky building of 88 Elvet Bridge situated in the historic centre of Durham City, this was the perfect place to mix all the ingredients together. With the help of many Tealicious came together and my dream had become a reality!


So don't be afraid to follow your dream as they do come true.


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